"Stunning Photography. Superlative Service."

This is the motto that best describes my photographic service. My clients include interior designers and architects and I

am proud to have supplied them with award winning images.  When I am not photographing architecture I take on projects in other genres such as sports and landscape photography.  International travel is also a big part of my life and my images from abroad keep me humble. Finally, if you are curious about the name SpartaPhoto, you can thank my father who comes from Sparta, Greece.

Architectural Photography | Phoenix | SpartaPhoto - Alex Rentzis

I am a photographer specializing in architectural photography and based in Phoenix, Arizona.  In 1984 I was taking a B&W photography class to improve my darkroom techniques. My instructor took an interest in my abstract images and encouraged me to enter a photography contest and reluctantly I did. The experience of having your photos critiqued by professional photographers was very intimidating but the event changed the direction of my life for good. The honorable mention award I received from the contest gave me the confidence to pursue many of the aspects and genres that photography has to offer. I have been creating images ever since.

Clients Include:

Est Est Interior Design

Ashton Woods Homes

Ernesto Garcia Design

Chris Jovanelly Design

Rothwell Architecture

City Chic Design

An Original LLC


Swartz Construction



Hochuli Design Team

RollFab Metal Products

True Metal Solutions

Nitti Builders

Petsas Commercial

Regency Custom Homes

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